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Happy Customer!

Happy Customer! Drew Gamble

1985 BMW E30 323i

To the staff and management at David Levy Motorsports,

This is just a quick thank you to the team at DLM. Because I have had my BMW E30 for 16 years now, I am very conscious of good mechanical advice, service and maintenance.

I have been to many mechanics over the years in search of someone I can trust to look after my car and return it to me with the problem fixed — Sound simple? Easier said than done! But now that my car is serviced at DLM it runs well, sounds great and drives even better. David knows BMWs inside out and has fixed many niggling problems that I had given up on long ago.

My experience of DLM is that I not only get the problem fixed, but if there are other problems I am not aware of, one of the boys will ring and run me through whatever it is that needs doing and I can have multiple repairs done at once, saving time and labour costs.

When having my car serviced the courtesy car is a real bonus, I drop my car off in the morning and most times (unless there is a hard-to-get part needed) pick it up that night, all done!

  • Drew Gamble


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